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Tiny Zoo Friends CoinsIn this blog, we have already told you where and how to use your tiny zoo bucks but we have not yet taken time to give you insights on how to obtain Tiny Zoo Friends Bucks. First, many people have often complained that Tiny zoo friends in itself is an expensive game. Other people have also said that they often spend as much as over a hundred dollars of real cash in the purchase of Tiny zoo bucks and are therefore seeking other ways they can use to obtain such bucks.

The problem is that many people often shy away from the reality in the game which in the essence is to honestly and patiently gather the tiny zoo friends’ bucks. Such people do not often want to struggle for the coins and bucks found in the Tiny Zoo friends App and instead, they hustle for quicker ways of making bucks.

As a result, they end up buying tiny zoo bucks and coins expensively. Here are some of the ways on getting Tiny Zoo bucks as recommended by the fans of this game:

1. Referrals

This is the least known way of getting Tiny Zoo bucks. How does referral work? Well, when as a user of Tiny Zoo you recruit a new person, the person will be asked to enter your tiny id during his registration process. As a result, both you as the recruiter and the new user you recruited are entitled to zoo bucks each. The recruiter gets one buck while the one recruited gets ten zoo bucks for every level that the newly recruited person reaches. However, you will earn only from level one to ten.

 2. Leveling Up

Another way of getting Tiny Zoo bucks is through moving up the levels. It is true that the game is challenging but with the challenges, comes great rewards. As you move up the levels, you will be rewarded with Tiny Zoo bucks for each level you accomplish. This is the second way through which you can get Tiny Zoo Friends bucks.

3. Collections

Another way to get Tiny Friends Zoo bucks is through completing collections. Depending on the type of collection, you may get from one to fifty zoo bucks for completing a collection. Also, you have to know that rare collections often earn more zoo bucks than normal collections.

4. Buying Them

This is the one that many people love yet it is not recommended. Indeed, you can also buy the gems for real cash. Some people spend over a hundred dollars a day for the purchase of tiny zoo bucks.

Some people often complain that when bought for actual cash, the tiny zoo bucks are highly priced and too expensive. However, it remains your discretion as a player to determine whether their pricing is right or they are over priced. Regardless of your opinion, either way, you are sure to get Tiny Zoo bucks through any of the four listed above methods. If you know of any other way to get Tiny Zoo bucks, do not hesitate to share it with us.


  1. Noor says:

    Well actually tiny zoo is a wonderful game

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